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  • Paul-Freeston

    1st Dec 2021

    apetito CEO, Paul Freeston, appointed President of Food and Drink Federation (FDF)

  • 4th Oct 2021

    Introducing our brand-new Finger Foods Bites, an exciting addition to our innovative Finger Foods range!

  • A-range-of-dishes

    31st Aug 2021

    Do we really need to stop eating meat?

  • Website

    23rd Aug 2021

    Leading the way to Net Zero with reduced carbon menus

  • Workers

    16th Aug 2021

    What approach should companies take to help reduce climate change?

  • Website

    5th Aug 2021

    Net Zero Commitment

  • Plasticpackaging

    2nd Aug 2021

    apetito’s Sister Company, Wiltshire Farm Foods, Target the Zero Packaging Ready Meal

  • leaders-in-care-image

    28th Oct 2019

    apetito receive Business Services Award at Leaders in Care Awards

  • Pork-with-vegetables

    14th Oct 2019

    UK Malnutrition Awareness Week

  • Choc-Chip-sponge

    11th Sep 2019

    How to care for someone with malnutrition

  • Sausage_dish

    6th Aug 2019

    How care homes can tackle age-related nutritional changes and elderly dietary needs

  • Chicken_and_potato_dish

    13th Jun 2019

    apetito pledge to tackle food waste

  • Nurseries-Sausage-and-Mash

    12th Jun 2019

    Why childcare catering and food quality shouldn't suffer in nurseries

  • Fishing_boat

    23rd Apr 2019

    apetito win 3rd prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

  • 29th Oct 2018

    What is dysphagia and how does it affect your eating habits?

  • Chicken-Ham-Pie

    18th Jul 2018

    Using Gastrophysics to Positively Impact Dining Experience

  • Macaroni-Cheese

    12th Jun 2018

    Elderly nutrition: three steps to tackle portion intimidation

  • Hot-desserts

    11th Jun 2018

    How to combat food fatigue

  • Hospital_patient

    16th May 2018

    The Physical, Social & Psychological Causes of Malnutrition in Older Adults

  • Carehomes_patient_with_carer

    2nd May 2018

    Dehydration symptoms: noticing the signs and how a balanced diet can help

  • Reception-area

    14th Aug 2017

    WCS Innovation Hub Launch

  • Vegetarian_allday_breakfast

    20th May 2016

    TheKnowledge: Issue 1